Another strong business partner is based in Brno's MORAVÁK, the company RE/MAX


This year in September, the renowned international brokerage company RE/MAX G8 Reality opened a modern facility for its brokers in the MORAVÁK, commercial and administrative building in the centre of Brno, which is owned by the CREAM investment company. The company's representative premises are complemented by a friendly reception and cozy meeting rooms. For RE/MAX, the Brno premises on MORAVÁK are the flagship for the development of other business activities in the field of real estate.

"The reconstruction of the MORAVÁK building on Moravské náměstí in Brno was the key project for the CREAM investment company. We have been offering modern business and other services in the city center since last year,” said Martin Jarolím, CEO of CREAM Real Estate, which is in charge of the CREAM Group's assets. Originally, the building was used as a printing and publishing house for newspapers and magazines for Moravia region. "We have given a new function and position of the building in the real estate market and we are pleased that our vision is also fulfilled by strong business partners," Jarolím continues. In addition to RE / MAX, the premises are also used, for example, by Albert, which last year introduced a new concept for the sale of local and fresh food, which is operated under the name Tržnice.

MORAVÁK offers both universal standardized commercial spaces, which are used mainly by individuals or small companies, as well as spacious layouts with backround for the operation of a larger companies. For space-intensive companies, a basis is prepared in the shell and core standard. In all cases, CREAM Real Estate offers clients an individual approach and solutions tailored to their internal needs. "We did the same for RE / MAX G8 Reality, which is planning a grand opening at the beginning of November. I am convinced that they will be satisfied with services of our company," concludes Martin Jarolím.

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Another strong business partner is based in Brno's MORAVÁK, the company RE/MAX

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Another strong business partner is based in Brno's MORAVÁK, the company RE/MAX

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Another strong business partner is based in Brno's MORAVÁK, the company RE/MAX

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