The first Albert Fresh supermarket is in Brno on MORAVÁK

A completely new concept of the store has been in operation since November in the MORAVÁK administrative building in Brno on Moravské náměstí. Every tenant of the building can enjoy the comfort of fresh and quality food or simply shop on the way home from work. This is also one of the benefits offered by the MORAVÁK office building in the center of Brno.

Albert Fresh!

Albert Fresh, as the new concept is named, offers mainly fresh food in a sales area of 340 m2. Right at the entrance there is the Fresh Bar, which offers not only good coffee, dessert or baguettes or croissants, which they produce here, but also, for example, hot soup or hot dog. The range of pastries is also widespread. The whole store is really very cozy. Ideal for fast and probably smaller purchases. Among other things, it is also the first supermarket to have a composter located in the warehouse. This reduces the amount of waste that would have to be taken to a rendering plant or disposed of in municipal waste.

Project of the CREAM company

The MORAVÁK office building is one of the most significant projects of the CREAM group in 2020. Right in the city center, it offers dozens of modern offices, but also interesting business units in a very busy place. Architecturally, the building is a fresh combination of original elements and a functional modern environment.

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The first Albert Fresh supermarket is in Brno on MORAVÁK

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The first Albert Fresh supermarket is in Brno on MORAVÁK

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The first Albert Fresh supermarket is in Brno on MORAVÁK

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