What are cookie files?

For purpose of improvement of performed services for you our website uses the cookie files. Cookie files are small files which store information in your browser and commonly serve for recognition of particular users. Yet the user is not identified based on this information. Cookie files also help, for example, to:  

·       Proper functionality of our website, to be able to finish the process of purchase with the least obstacles possible;

·        Remember log in information of our customers, thus they do not have to input them every time;

·       To find out which part of the website and which functions use our customers most often, based on it we are able to the best adjustment of our offer for your demands;

·       To find out which advertisement our customers watch the most, not to display all the time during the browsing the same advertisement or not to display advertisement on product they are not interested in.

You can find next general information regarding the cookie files for example here


What type of cookie files we use:

Cookie files which are used on our website are according to their serviceability possible to divide in two basic types Short-term so called „session cookies“which are only temporary and stay in your browser only till you close the browser and long-term so called „persistent cookies“which stay in your device much longer or till you remove them manually (the period for which they remain in your device depends on setting of the cookie itself as well as on setting of your browser).


According to functionality is possible to divide cookies in:

Converse which enable us to analyze performance of various selling channels,

Tracking (monitoring), which in combination with the converse ones help us to analyze performance of various selling channels, 

Re-marketing, which we use for personalization of content of the advertisement and their proper focus,

Analytic, which help us to improve comfort of users of our website as they help us to understand how the users use it,

Essential, which are important for basic functionality of the website,

Converse, which enable us to analyze. 


Some cookie files can gather information which are then used by third parties and which for example directly support our promotional activities (so called “third-party cookies). For example information about the products which are bought by customers on our website can be displayed by an advertising agency, for us to be able to modify better the display of internet advertising banners on the websites browsed by you. Yet based on this information is not possible to identify you.  


On our website we use following types of cookies:


Cookie name







Keeps information about consent  with use of cookies 

1 year




Identifies your current relation with server 

Till the end of relation




Identifies your current relation with server

Till the end of relation




Indicates situation of banner- offers of work position 

Till the end of relation





Identifies your current relation with service leady.cz

Till the end of relation




Recognizes user for service Google analytics

2 years




Recognizes user for service 

Google analytics

1 day




Limits amount of inquiries on Google analytics

1 minute


How to prohibit use of cookie files

Use of cookie files is possible to set by the help of your internet browser. Most of the browsers automatically accept the cookie files already in basic setting. The cookie files are possible to prohibit or set use of only some cookie files.

Information about browsers and way of default setting for cookie files you can find on following websites:  

Internet Explorer

Useful tool for administration of cookie files is also available on the website http://www.youronlinechoices.com/cz/