Information about the camera system

Part I

Personal data administrator (camera system operator)

Camera system is operated and personal data are administrated by: 

CREAM Real Estate s.r.o., based on Nuselská 262/34, Nusle, 140 00 Prague 4, PIN: 277 90 380 (further only “company CREAM Re “).

- for correspondence communication, an address of the place of business or address: CREAM Real Estate, s.r.o. Vavrečkova 5657, 760 01 Zlín
- for e-mail communication: e-mail:, data box: 5wi85ki;
- for telephone communication: tel.

With your requests, appeals, suggestions or rights regarding records made by the camera system  which is operated by the company CREAM Re,  you can also appeal to the company CREAM SICAV, a.s., PIN 28545320, based on  Nuselská 262/34, 140 00, Prague 4, Registration n. B 15122  under the Municipal Court in  Prague (further only “ the company CREAM “), which is, based on a contract between united personal data administrators concluded among the participants, whose list in at disposal here, a joint administrator authorized to perform duties within the area of personal data protection toward personal data subjects for all the participants of above quoted contract.   

Contacts for the company CREAM are as follows:
- correspondence to:
 CREAM SICAV, a.s., Nuselská 262/34, Nusle, 140 00 Prague 4  or address : CREAM SICAV, a.s., Vavrečkova 5657, 760 01 Zlín
- e-mail communication: or data box: i9jfx54
- by telephone
 573 776 300.

Part  II


A) Type of personal data 
The personal data which the company CREAM Re in this case processes are visual (eventually audio)  records of your persons made in the spaces which are monitored by cameras, which are a part of  camera system which the company CREAM Re operates (further only „ the camera system“).

B) Purpose of personal data processing 
The company CREAM Re operates the camera system and processes your visual (eventually audio) records above all for the purpose of:

a) Protection of lives and health of persons which move in the space where the camera system operates,

b) Protection of property of the company CREAM Re as well as of other united administrators, landlords and users of fixed assets, namely against theft, vandalism and other forms of illegal activities and claiming the rights against persons who committed such illegal activity, eventually claiming the rights against other persons (for example claims on insurance houses for insurance benefits). The subject of processing are data for the camera system, whereas processing of these data consists in recording of acquired shots which will be, in case of need (defined by the purpose of processing ), used for identification of a person in relation with any activity mentioned above. Extent of processed personal data will consist solely in recording of physical entities on particular, exactly defined, places. The company CREAM Re will not process personal data regarding address or identification data nor sensitive or descriptive data unless it would be in connection with a consequent demand of claims toward persons, which for its damage or detriment perpetrated an illegal act.  

A legal reason for processing of personal data in the form of visual (eventually audio) recordings of your persons is justified interest of the company CREAM Re or other joint administrators or possibly of third subjects. 



A) Spaces scanned by cameras within the camera system 

The company CREAM Re scans indoor spaces in properties and also outdoor spaces in the way how it is specified in an enclosure of this statement. Scanning of spaces by the camera system of the company CREAM Re is clearly marked with pictograms in given spaces, by entries or driveways into buildings or outdoor areas (i.e. outdoor parking lots, loading ramps etc.). 

B) Brief description of the camera system 

Mode of cameras 

Recording of cameras is continuous i.e. 24/7.
It is simple recording without use of software comparison of biometric data analytic etc.. 

Technical, technological and organizational provisions for protection of personal data 

- Coded data storage and physical security of data storage site. 

- Secured communication connection canal between cameras and recording devices. 

- Controlled access to data

- Training of authorized persons
- Management of completion certificates for third subjects.    

C) Length of storage of recordings, hand over of recordings 

The company CREAM Re processes personal data only for necessary period of time i. e. 7 (seven) days. After termination of this period are these personal data erased unless they are necessary for longer keeping due to claims of rights and demands on subjects which perpetrated illegal act, eventually to prove other facts if the company CREAM Re or any other united administrator have to enforce and prove their claims or rights. 

The company CREAM Re can or has to provide personal data in the form of visual recordings to following third subjects:

a) Processors who carry out for the company CREAM Re  partial or complete processing of personal data based on a relevant contract,
b) Public authority bodies in cases when is the company CREAM obliged to hand over relevant personal data by law or by operation of law,
c) Other subjects if it is necessary for enforcement for right protection of  the company CREAM  or other united administrators  namely for example: insurance houses, courts,  bodies active in prosecution, other public authority bodies, the extent of provided personal data  is limited on must data for successful enforcement of the claim.

Part IV


If the company CREAM Re processes your personal data you are entitled to see the relevant personal data concerning your person.  You are, at the same time, entitled to have a copy of processed data with option, if you decide to enforce the right, to turn to the company CREAM Re or the company CREAM SICAV, a.s. in the way as is it described in Part I “Personal data administrator (camera system operator)” even in case of other united administrators. 

Other rights which you are as a subject entitled to enforce are:

a) Right to correct information and with it connected duty of administrator to correct, without any needless delay, incorrect personal data regarding you,  

b) Right to limit processing of personal data, regarding your person, which you have also in case that: 

-You deny accuracy of personal data namely for period necessary for verification of the accuracy,
- Company CREAM Re  processes the personal data illegally,
- Company CREAM Re does not need the personal data for purpose of  their processing, yet you require them due to determination, execution or defense of legal claims,   

- You raise an objection against processing of the personal data, which regard your person, in accordance with the Article 21 par. of 1 GDPR Regulation

c) Right to erase the personal data, which regard your person, which you have also in case that:

- Company CREAM Re does not longer need to process your personal data,
- you successfully challenged processing of the personal data according to the Article 21 par. of 1 GDPR Regulation,
- There came to illegal processing of your personal data,
- You revoked your consent to use your personal data, namely in case that your consent was reason for processing of the personal data, 

d)Right to portability of the personal data, which authorizes you to ask for a handover of your personal data in an electronic way in a structured, commonly used and machine readable format to you or possibly to another administrator if there are, at the same time, fulfilled conditions according to the Aritcle 20  of GDPR regulation

e) Right to file a complaint to a Supervisory Office, which is: 

Úřad pro ochranu osobních údajů ( Office for Protection  of Personal Data), Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00 Prague 7, The Czech Republic,
tel: +420 234 665 111, fax +420 234 665 444,
e-mail:, web:

CREAM Real Estate s.r.o.

Properties and outdoor spaces monitored by camera system operated by  the company CREAM Real Estate s.r.o., based on Nuselská 262/34, Nusle, 140 00 Prague 4, PIN : 277 90 380 

třída Tomáše Bati 5658, Zlín (building n. 103, premises Svit, Zlín)
- entry to the building
- loading ramps
-parking areas around the building + gates

Heršpická 800/6, Brno
- parking areas around the building
- inner roofed-over parking areas
- gate by entry into the premises 

Vavrečkova 5657, Zlín (building n. 34, premises Svit, Zlín)
- entry into  the building
- reception
- parking area in front of the entry

- loading ramps
- roof
- united corridors

- parking area around the building, including parking areas of former buildings n. 24 – 25 - 26

Šedesátá 7015, 760 01 Zlín (building n. 64/1, premises Svit) and Sedmdesátá 7055, 760 01 Zlín (premises Svit, Zlín, building n. 64/2).
- parking areas between the buildings and around the buildings 

-loading ramps
- intra-block

- entries into buildings
- receptions
-  united corridors in places where are situated staircases, lifts or emergency exits 

J. A. Bati 5648, 76001 Zlín (premises Svit, building n. 32)
- entries into the buildings
- driveway into underground parking
-spaces for waste storage
- spaces of underground garage 

- loading ramps
- reception
- united corridors in places where are situated staircases, lifts or emergency exits
- entries into halls on the 3
rd  floor
- roof
- parking areas around the building
- server room

Palackého 592, 779 00 Olomouc
- intra-block
- parking inside the intra-block

30. dubna 635/35, 702 00 Ostrava
- intra-block
- inside corridor (entry from loading ramp)

Dvořákova 3134/2, Ústí nad Labem, Post Code 400 01
- entry into the building
- reception
- entry + entry staircase
- sidewalk of the building

- parking areas around the building
- side entry
- back driveway

Okružní 4701, 760 05 Zlín
- entry into the underground garage
-  indoor passageways
- sidewalks around the building
-  outside staircase
-  outside roofed-over areas 

Pozemek parc. č. 1119/27 v k.ú. Zlín
-  parking area on this lot including the gate