Vita Sana Club has new ambitious plans: Sports Academy in Zlín

It is a year since Forbes magazine ranked 3rd in the Vita Sana Club in Zlín in the TOP10 ranking of the most interesting fitness centers in the Czech Republic.

Today, Vita Sana Club takes the offer of sports in Zlín in another direction. It plans to create a sports academy that offers the public not only sports activities, but also education.

“We want a comprehensive range of sports and educational activities to be created in Zlín for athletes and all those interested in a healthy lifestyle. Our experience tells us that there is a lack of further education for athletes in the field of coaching, sports management and physiotherapy in the city, ”says Jan Pravda, Managing Director of the Vita Sana Club and also a member of the Gymnastics Zlin association. He currently offers the public gymnastics and parkour for children and adults.

“We want to educate athletes and sports-educated personalities who, when they finish their active sports career, can offer clubs their activities in the fields of coaching or management in Zlín. With this idea we want to connect sports clubs and create conditions for the creation of an academy across all sports. In the meantime, we have entered into negotiations with the floorball club, karate and the Zlín Sports Clubs, which today associate 28 sports clubs. This way we could offer sports grounds, which are currently scarce in Zlín, ”Jan Pravda reveals the plans.

A completely new dimension of sports activities in Zlín

The proposal is to create several separate sports grounds under one roof. In addition to space for sports gymnastics, parkour, floorball, karate, dance, modern gymnastics, aerobics and perhaps in the future and other sports, such as handball and volleyball, the center of Zlín could also create an ice rink for clubs and the public.

“It is a completely new dimension of the offer of sports activities in Zlín, for which we need a strong partner. That is why we approached CREAM with these plans in the first step, ”added Pravda. Vita Sana Club and Gymnastics Zlín belong to the portfolio of the CREAM group, which also supports these sports activities financially over the long term.

"We have only had an introductory meeting and it seems that we could use the premises foreseen by the multifunctional center FABRIKA, whose construction CREAM has been planning for a long time in the eastern part of the former Bata factory in Zlín," Pravda concluded.

“These are the activities that we support in Zlín, so why not put them under one roof, and FABRIKA offers in this direction. This would create a unique complex that is still missing in the Czech Republic, ”commented Martin Jarolím, CREAM Group Director. In the future, a modern shopping mall, a food hall and a sports arena would be built in the center of Zlín. We believe that in the future hundreds of athletes from the Zlín region could find a background in the sports academy of the modern multifunctional FABRIKA center.

Comprehensive range of educational and sports activities

  • Education for athletes
  • Education in the field of sports management
  • Academy across all sports
  • New sports grounds

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Vita Sana Club has new ambitious plans: Sports Academy in Zlín

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Vita Sana Club has new ambitious plans: Sports Academy in Zlín

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Vita Sana Club has new ambitious plans: Sports Academy in Zlín

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Vita Sana Club has new ambitious plans: Sports Academy in Zlín

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