Filming a new Czech film in design lofts at max32

Vlastina Svatkova, Vilma Cibulkova, Tereza Kostkova, Pavel Kriz, Alexander Rasilov, Milan Knazko, Nela Boudova, Zuzana Norissova, Roman Vojtek ...

These leading Czech actors could be met from Wednesday to Saturday in Zlín when shooting a film called My Story. The film was shot in design lofts and in front of the max32 building.

“We were approached by Pal Production to provide them with the space to shoot My Story, which is inspired by a real life story from the Zlín region. We met them, ”said Martin Jarolím, director of CREAM, which max32 building belongs to.

It was filmed at the Golf Resort Čeladná

The film is inspired by Zora Castillo's book Callaway. “It's a story about a woman suffering from domestic violence and what brought her back to life after her partner's injury. She lost her job, contact with the world, closed herself up, succumbed to alcohol and gambling, "outlines Castillo's story." Callaway's title is by the brand of golf clubs. It was golf that brought the main character back to life, ”adds the writer.

That is why the choice fell on the CREAM group, which operates an 18-hole course with a clubhouse in the Čeladná area, where much of the story takes place. Sport support is a long-term part of the CREAM Group's activities. In addition to golf at Čeladná, CREAM Bike Čeladná and support from Barum Rally Zlín, the Group's portfolio also includes the state-of-the-art fitness and wellness center in the Zlín Region, Vita Sana Club, which ranked Forbes magazine among TOP 10 fitness centers in the Czech Republic last year. Furthermore, it is Gymnastics Zlín with more than a thousand members, supporting handball and other smaller sports club activities.

CREAM has been supporting sports activities for years

The portfolio of activities also includes:

  • CREAM Bike Celadna
  • Barum Rally Zlín
  • Vita Sana Club Fitness and Wellness Center
  • Gymnastika Zlín

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Filming a new Czech film in design lofts at max32

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Filming a new Czech film in design lofts at max32

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Filming a new Czech film in design lofts at max32

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Filming a new Czech film in design lofts at max32

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