A new biographical film by David Ondříček - Zátopek was filmed here

The shooting of David Ondříček's movie Zátopek, which started with a run, was moved to the premises of the former Baťa races for the weekend.

Legendary runner Emil Zátopek started his stellar cross-country career here in 1941. This scene must not be missing in Ondříček's upcoming film.

CREAM Real Estate met the filmmakers and leased them the parking lot where the main scene of the period race took place. Almost 250 extras found their facilities on the tenth floor of the 34th building. Many of them stood together with Václav Neužil, alias Emil Zatopek, on the starting line of the race.

Originally, the shooting was planned for the bloom, but due to unfavorable weather forecast it moved to the beginning of September. Videos and photos from the shooting day are available on the website of the Zlín daily and regional version idnes.cz.

Source photo: Zlínský deník, idnes.cz

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A new biographical film by David Ondříček - Zátopek was filmed here

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