We supported origin of the book - 99 sweet endings by Marie Baťová


The Tomáš Baťa Foundation in cooperation with the CREAM Group is currently publishing a unique book called 99 Sweet Dots by Marie Baťová.

In addition to 99 sweet recipes and several salty recipes, readers will read about the life of a woman who has lived in the shadow of her husband, Tomas Bata.

“Marie Baťová was a unique woman who was not only supportive of Tomáš, but also the creator of well-being and family satisfaction, which Tomáš so loved and often gave as a model of the basis of overall well-being. Therefore, when I first opened an inconspicuous, handwritten recipe book with Marie Baťa's recipes, brought by my granddaughter Rosemarie Bata Blyth to the villa of Tomas Bata last spring, I was thrilled. Not only history, but I was fascinated by the idea of ​​taste dishes that were baked and cooked in the villa almost eighty years ago. I started to read the recipes slowly, sometimes I tried some of them until the idea came out to give Marie Baťová a confectioner, ”said Gabriela Končitíková, the author of the book and also the project manager of the Tomas Bata Foundation in Zlín.

Almost after one year of preparation, a three-page book, divided into six basic parts, arrives at the bookstores: a block about Marie Baťa's life, sweet recipes for breakfast, morning coffee, lunch, afternoon siesta and tea at five. The original cookbook of Marie Baťa contained approximately 430 recipes, of which approximately 150 were for sweet foods. The author chose 99 of them for her confectioner.

“I was lucky with the realization team with whom we dove together to truly discover all of Maria's goodies. We have honestly baked and tasted every recipe, ”adds Gabriela Končitíková.

What does the book represent?

Few know that she called him Tomo, he eats Little Girl. The 17-year-old age gap was not an obstacle, perhaps the opposite - she looked up at him, he admired her. Marie quickly realized that she married not only Tomáš Baťa the factory owner, but also Tomáš Baťa and the factory.

“One of the principles of Bata's management system was also the creation of relationships, let's not forget it. Certainly Marie Baťová was aware of this. Her culinary skills and especially the cakes were able to create a very pleasant atmosphere. I would like people to experience similar feelings today. I am glad that thanks to the book we have this possibility, ”added Pavel Velev, director of the Tomas Bata Foundation.

The CREAM group contributed significantly to the issue of the confectioner. “We didn't hesitate for a moment. Although Tomáš Baťa was completely immersed in his business, he enjoyed watching the lives of people who stood by his visions and liked returning to his wife Mary. He loved their conversations and it was she who could listen to Thomas with calm insight. We were fascinated by the closeness of the Baťa spouses, which moves the Baťa story to where no one has ever seen it before, ”concludes Martin Jarolím, a member of the Board of Directors of CREAM.

The confectioner will be freely followed by the release of 99 apt observations by Tomáš Baťa, which is being prepared this autumn.

The book is divided into 6 blocks

  • About the life of Marie Baťová
  • Sweet recipes for breakfast
  • Recipes for morning coffee
  • Sweet dot after lunch
  • Recipes for afternoon siesta
  • Desserts for tea at five

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We supported origin of the book - 99 sweet endings by Marie Baťová

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We supported origin of the book - 99 sweet endings by Marie Baťová

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