Please note that MORAVÁK has been here for three years, glory!


The MORAVÁK multifunctional building offers exclusive office and business space in a fully renovated building on Moravské náměstí. An extensive, yet sensitive reconstruction was completed in 2019. The architects paid attention to the original appearance of the building, which they carried over to the new designs. Symmetry, regularity and straight lines. All this represents a new form of the house.

There are offices available for rent that can be adapted to the needs of clients. Spaces are available for entrepreneurs or smaller companies, as well as offices suitable for large companies whose field of activity is also on the foreign market. Free commercial units quickly found their tenants, which are now REMAX or the Albert Fresh store. Barrier-free access, a representative reception, two elevators, kitchenettes, a shared meeting office and a newly shared equipped office are a matter of course. Each office is equipped with air conditioning and its own shading.

Directly in front of the building is the park on Moravské náměstí, which is completing its overall revitalization and now offers an attractive form of public space that, according to current trends, returns greenery to cities. It will enable an escape from the working world into a peaceful environment. At the same time, it regularly comes alive with Christmas markets, a winter ice rink and other cultural events.

The location of MORAVÁK is very convenient. In the immediate vicinity of the building there are many cafes and restaurants, Hotel Continental Brno or, for example, the Cadastral Office for the South Moravian Region and the Cadastral Office Brno - City.

Another benefit is the great accessibility of public transport stops, the number of parking garages in the vicinity and the five-minute distance from the train station. Thanks to the easy connection to the highways, a simple transfer to Prague, Vienna or Bratislava is possible.

One of the long-term goals of CREAM Real Estate is to constantly advance and improve services, so MORAVÁK's clients have a lot to look forward to in the future.

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Please note that MORAVÁK has been here for three years, glory!

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Please note that MORAVÁK has been here for three years, glory!

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Please note that MORAVÁK has been here for three years, glory!

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Please note that MORAVÁK has been here for three years, glory!

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