The client portal has not only a new image, but mainly functionality

No more complicated clicks - all the important information at homepage, immediately after logging the client portal. This is the most significant change that has undergone since the beginning of the year.

New functionalities for clients

"We monitor the feedback from our clients very carefully, so we decided to modify some functionalities in the portal," says Aleš Plachý, head of the CREAM Customer Center, which manages the client portal environment. Just at the sight, the client can control his payment history and the requirements which he sent to the company for a solution, incl. state of their implementation. Another novelty is the personalized notifications displayed right on the home page. "Every client sees only the information that relates to the property whose premises he uses," Plachy continues. At the same time, the client portal is now becoming an archive of all communication between the tenant and the lessor. Complete overview of invoices and other tax documents, contracts, amendments, minutes of meetings, etc. are archived. The history of the online chat is also backed up.

Setting deadlines for solving each request

The Requirements section recorded the most changes. If the client uses more properties, each request is matched. "We accept the request without delay and we announce the length of its solution within 72 hours on working days. It is set according to the complexity of implementation from one week for simple, mostly administrative requirements up to four months for construction work. At any time we can leave a message through a comment directly in the detail of the request, attach any file, photos and other documents, "adds Martina Kouřilová and continues that the client also approves the fulfillment of the request and evaluates the quality of its solution. "However, if the client does not comment within three working days, the request is automatically closed by the Customer Center," explains Kouřilová, one of the Customer Center's specialists. CREAM thus monitors not only the quality, but also the deadlines for solving tasks assigned by tenants.

Manual how to work with the portal

All changes of the client portal, incl. new functionalities, are described in the manual, which is available in both electronic and printed form. Instructional videos available on Youtube are also planned. "If the use of the client portal by clients proves successful, we will also start working on the mobile application," concludes Kouřilová. The activities of the CREAM Company Customer Center, resp. client portal, is fully launched from January this year. Since then, clients have entered a total of 1,674 requests, of which 1,584 have already been successfully resolved. The CREAM portfolio includes more than 100 properties in 62 cities in the Czech Republic. 842 premises lease agreements are currently being concluded.

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The client portal has not only a new image, but mainly functionality

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The client portal has not only a new image, but mainly functionality

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The client portal has not only a new image, but mainly functionality

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The client portal has not only a new image, but mainly functionality

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