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The unexpected situation, which forced a number of measures in relation to the spreading viral disease COVID-19, literally “forced” employers and employees to use new methods and procedures.

Trend of digitisation and VR using

That is why many companies, as well as public institutions, are running virtual tours these days. "We have been working with virtual reality for several years. According to us there is a huge business potential. In many countries people rent housing, cars, etc. online just for one reason - to save the time. Our company follows this trend,”said Martin Jarolím, member of the Board at CREAM Investment Fund.

VR advantages in real estate market

Especially in the real estate market, virtual tours have all the advantages. It is now common that properties are advertised on real estate servers, described, beautifully photographed, but the chance to enter the offered space virtually is simply unique. Thanks to virtual reality, the offered space will also stand out from the rival companies portfolio and will attract potential candidates. More people is interested in advertised property, what can increase the chance of a potential deal. Last but not least, virtual tours save time not only for the buyer but also for the seller. The company communicate only with people who are really interested in. This also limits real estate tourism, which takes time for real estate businessmen.


VR glasses owners can download virtual tours to their device. All you have to do is to 
REGISTER in the CREAM Property CatalogIt is one of the benefits that the catalog offers in addition to the usual display.

Example of 360° sightseeing - reception in MORAVAK building in Brno

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Enjoy virtual tours by CREAM Real Estate

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Enjoy virtual tours by CREAM Real Estate

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Enjoy virtual tours by CREAM Real Estate

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Enjoy virtual tours by CREAM Real Estate

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