Successful cooperation with ROSSMANN drugstore

We are pleased with your success. The CREAM Group rents dozens of buildings to which it (as well as its clients) cares for above-standard care.

Currently, the CREAM group participated in the reconstruction of the ROSSMANN store in the center of Zábřeh in Moravia by renewing the facade, replacing windows and modifying common entrance areas. ROSSMANN expanded its sales area and implemented a complete remodeling of the store.

Almost 150 branches in the Czechia

ROSSMANN is a leading drugstore player not only in the European but also in the domestic retail market, where it currently operates almost 150 branches with more than 750 employees.

"We attach a large share of the record success of sales to the expansion of the sales network, store remodeling and brand marketing support, which has strengthened its stability in the long term," comments Vladimír Mikel, Managing Director of ROSSMANN.

"In 2018, we participated in the reconstruction of a total of 6 stores in CREAM buildings," adds Aleš Plachý, director of the CREAM Customer Care Department.

Customers will also find the ROSSMANN drugstore in some other buildings of the CREAM Group, namely in Nymburk, Rychnov nad Kněžnou, Děčín, Uničov and Velké Meziříčí. The CREAM Group currently manages more than 100 properties in 62 cities of the Czech Republic in attractive central city locations. The vision of the CREAM Group is to build socially beneficial, successful and sustainable buildings that will provide high quality facilities for their tenants and will represent a high level of investment value for the owners.

ROSSMANN drugstore in CREAM Group buildings

  • Nymburk
  • Rychnov nad Kneznou
  • Decin
  • Unicov
  • Velke Mezirici

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