Reconstructed HOUSE 64 is a showrooms, warehouse and offices

The trend in contemporary business is the practical interconnection of retail, showrooms, warehouses and offices. Everything is at hand and you have a perfect overview.

You can quickly serve your customers without undue delay. The interconnection of office and warehouse space or the need for a representative background of the company are the main reasons when looking for small storage premises connected with an office or showroom.

Often, this connection is ideal for sample stores, points of sale or e-shop facilities. They are also suitable as retail and wholesale shops, salons or showrooms. Small storage areas often also serve to store property or things that cannot be left in the office or home. These are usually archives of documents, supplies or small goods for e-shop. Thanks to a suitable warehouse, the office or other commercial space remains representative. Important is also a good address preferably in the city center with easy access for trucks and cars.

You have won with us

The CREAM Group is a long-term expert in commercial real estate and constantly monitors market developments and analyzes the offers of commercial, commercial, warehouse and manufacturing facilities, including development projects under construction. Thanks to this, they can recommend the right steps towards maximum satisfaction of the client's requirements. Take advantage of our services of experienced real estate specialists and save your time and money.

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Reconstructed HOUSE 64 is a showrooms, warehouse and offices

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Reconstructed HOUSE 64 is a showrooms, warehouse and offices

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Reconstructed HOUSE 64 is a showrooms, warehouse and offices

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